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Steering Committee Application

Steering Committee members commit two to five hours per month to engage with planning meetings and to fulfill the duties of each role. Steering Committee members must be at least 18 years old and registered members of the InKind Baking Project.

No baking skills necessary! 

Please read the descriptions of each Steering Committee role and find one (or two!) that sound like a match for your skills and passions. Then, fill out this quick application and a current Steering Committee member will reach out to schedule time to chat. 


You are a person who enjoys budgets, excel, and keeping good records. Perhaps you have a background in finance or accounting, but maybe you just keep a really tight household budget.

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial affairs of InKind Baking Project and ensuring transparency and accountability. This role may be fulfilled by the chair if the position is vacant. Duties include:

  • Budget planning and organizational financial forecasting.

  • Monitoring and reporting income, expenses, and financial transactions.

  • Maintaining financial records.

  • Facilitating reimbursements.

  • Chair the fundraising drives.

Media Coordinator:

You are a person who truly understands the difference between a TikTok, a reel, and a story, and you’re likely adept at many of those! Pushing out posts and reposting is not a chore for you, so you don’t mind keeping an eye on our accounts alongside your own.

The Media Coordinator is responsible for managing InKind Baking Project's social media channels, and other communication platforms. This role may be fulfilled by the Communications Coordinator if the position is vacant. Duties include:

  • Developing and implementing social media engagement strategies in partnership with the Communications Coordinator

  • Creating content for various platforms including posts, graphics, videos, soliciting member and partner photos, comments, etc.

  • Monitoring social media platforms engaging with partners and volunteers.

Membership Coordinator:

You are a person who is passionate about the project and excited to recruit others to join! You’ve probably volunteered with us enough that you could easily explain it to someone else. You have the time to keep an eye on the inbox to connect with existing and potential volunteers.

The Membership Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, engaging, and retaining volunteers. Duties include:

  • Maintaining a database of volunteers – including responding to new membership requests

  • Developing and implementing strategies and initiatives to grow and maintain volunteers

  • Leading organization of member events, meetings, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Providing support and resources to volunteers.

Bonus Bakers & Bonus Drivers

Bonus Baker:

You love to bake and are willing to jump in if needed!

Have trouble committing to a future date, but maybe you could bake for us in the next day or two? Can we call on you last minute to fill spots? Occasionally a baker gets ill, has car trouble, or we just have a last-minute opening and we hate to have a partner go empty handed.


Bonus Driver:

You have a car and you adore city driving! Have trouble committing to baking for an event but maybe you could pickup from a baker and/or drop off at a partner? Could a baker request assistance with making drop-off window because you have a flexible schedule?

Communications Coordinator:

You are a person who appreciates a well-written email, communicates with ease, probably has a well-tested system for retaining their own personal records, and has a good eye for what a website needs to convey to different audiences

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for managing internal and external communications to promote InKind Baking Project's mission and activities. Duties include:

  • Developing and implementing communication strategies and campaigns.

  • Serve as secretary of the Steering Committee to include - meeting minutes and agendas and internal document management

  • Creating and disseminating weekly newsletters, press releases, and promotional materials.

  • Responding to inquiries and engaging with stakeholders and the public.

  • Website management

Partner Relations Coordinator:

You are a person who loves to build relationships with people and doesn’t hide from needing to make a cold call or send a cold email. It’s a plus if you have a working knowledge of other nonprofits in the city of Philadelphia.

The Partner Relations Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining partnerships with organizations, businesses, and community groups. Duties include:

  • Educating partners on process and procedure

  • Identifying potential partners and collaboration opportunities.

  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between partners.

Event Coordinator: 

You are a person who works well independently, is detail oriented, and loves it when a plan comes together. Maybe you want to be the first person to know when IKBP gets a new baking request!

The Event Coordinator is responsible for end-to-end management of event requests from partners and facilitating partner communication with volunteers as needed. This role may be fulfilled by the Partner Relations Coordinator if the position is vacant. Duties include:

  • Reviewing incoming event requests and evaluating for alignment with InKind’s mission.

  • Educating partners on process and procedure

  • Utilizing PlanHero software to create and manage events according to SOPs


The Chair provides leadership and direction to the steering committee and ensures that InKind Baking Project fulfills its mission effectively.




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