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Cupcake Foils

About the Project

Our Mission

To deliver joy and a sense of connection between our Philadelphia-area volunteers, service organizations, and the many communities they serve through baked goods homemade with care.

Our Vision

A world where everyone feels the kind of joy that comes from giving and receiving homemade baked goods.

Our Values

Where joy is built through community and kindness, and baked with inclusivity, dignity, and social justice.

Rebecca Butler

Mingie Kang

Molly Lester, Founder

Yuting Yeh

Martha Cross, Chair

Steering Committee

Our Story

The InKind Baking Project started in Philadelphia in January 2017. Prompted by the turmoil of current events and the targeting of various communities, bakers from all over the city volunteered to bake for their neighbors as a sign of welcome, community, and solidarity.
As of October 2023, our 850 bakers (and counting) have baked for over 1000 events and more than 50,000 people, including birthday cakes for families staying in a homeless shelter, cookies for refugees, cupcakes for ESL classes, muffins for immigration clinics, and more. Our project bakers range from enthusiastic amateurs to all-but-professional, and we are happy to consider requests from both individuals and organizations for donations in-kind and in kindness.
News coverage of the project is available via the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Citizen, CBS3 Philadelphia, and Edible Philly.

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