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Finding an opportunity to bake is easy and we are here to help.

Read the steps outlined below

Once you have completed the sign up process, you are ready to bake!  Sign in to your PlanHero Account and select "Events" or "Community Fridges" from your groups to find opportunities to bake. Our weekly newsletter will also share upcoming volunteer opportunities.

2 / Sign up for an event

Look for an available event or fridge and enter your name to sign up. You will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions. Please ensure you read those as procedures differ slightly between events and fidges. You are welcome to take multiple spots for the same event, if they are available. 

3 / Review the waiver

We’ll ask you every time you volunteer to confirm that you’ve read the waiver. This is required by our fiscal sponsor and our insurers. 

4 / Review the details of the event carefully

Each event and fridge have specific instructions that may include how many people are attending an event, how many volunteers requested, specific requests regarding allergens (like tree nuts), and others asks for specific types of baked goods or packaging. Additionally, delivery dates, times, and locations are identified. Please review carefully to ensure you can meet those requests.  

5 / Coordinate delivery with the event contact 

There are often multiple windows of time and locations, so it’s important to communication with the event contact about where and approximately when you’ll make the delivery. Unless otherwise instructed, reach out about a week before the event to coordinate. For Community Fridges, please sign up for any day that works for you.

6 / Get baking!

How much should you make? It’s up to you, but a good rule of thumb is to plan for one larger item (like a cupcake), or two to three smaller items (like a 2" cookie) per person. For Community Fridges quantity is up to you! 

Also, consider how far in advance you’ll be making your baked goods when thinking about what to make. Baked goods that require refrigeration might not be a good fit for an outdoor event, especially if you’re baking or dropping off a few days in advance. If you have any concerns, you can always reach out to the event contact. 

TIP: Now’s a great time to snap some photos of your tasty treats! Don’t forget to tag us on your social media posts! 

7 / Package

The event description will specify if individual packaging is needed, otherwise, you can use any kind of container that works. Many of our bakers use disposable aluminum pans or large ziploc bags or containers that you can purchase in the grocery store, but you might also explore party and catering supply stores that sell bakery boxes or take out containers. For Community Fridges, plan to pack according to "household" rather than in a single large container. Packaging items individually or in various quantities can be helpful for serving different size households.  

8 / Label your packages

All of your packages must be labeled.

  • A good label includes a name or description of the baked goods, a list of major ingredients (including those with any identified allergens, such as gluten, eggs, dairy, and nuts), and the words, “These items were baked in a home kitchen.”

  • A great label would also include the InKind Baking Project name or logo, the contact name for the delivery, the date baked*, and list all the ingredients.

Visit the Bakers Resources page for logo and label files.

*For Community Fridges, the date baked is required!

9 / Deliver

You are responsible for delivering the baked goods following the instructions listed for your event. You are always welcome to team up with another volunteer to assist with delivery, just be sure that anyone you tap for that role is also signed up with us as a volunteer. 

10 / Confirm your delivery

After you deliver, fill out this short form to let us know that you were able to make the drop.  If you have any issues with the drop-off, you can report them here. This is also the spot to upload your pictures and show off your skills! 

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