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About the Project

The InKind Baking Project started in Philadelphia in January 2017. Prompted by the turmoil of current events and the targeting of various communities, bakers from all over the city volunteered to bake for their neighbors as a sign of welcome, community, and solidarity. As of March 2022, our 850 bakers (and counting) have baked for over 43,000 people, including birthday cakes for families staying in a homeless shelter, cookies for refugees, cupcakes for ESL classes, muffins for immigration clinics, and more. News coverage of the project is available via the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Citizen, CBS3 Philadelphia, and Edible Philly. Our project bakers range from enthusiastic amateur to all-but-professional, and we are happy to consider requests from both individuals and organizations for donations in-kind and in kindness.

Steering Committee

Martha Cross, Chair

Mingie Kang

Emma Klein

Ellie Matthews

Yuting Yeh

Molly Lester, Founder


Get Involved


We can always use more bakers! Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, we would love to have you. Click the button below to be added to our listserv and our PlanHero club for event signups. (Note: we are most active in the City of Philadelphia and its inner suburbs, including New Jersey.) All of our bakers will be asked to agree to this waiver.

For more info on our sign-up process,

check out this handy guide.


All funds raised help to offset costs for baking supplies and fund the expansion of the project. Contact us if you would prefer to donate by check. All donations are



Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more about how this all works? Check out our FAQs for bakers and requests.

Request Baked Goods

We are taking a break for the holidays! We are not accepting requests for baking donations in the month of December 2022. We look forward to taking requests for events starting in January 2023.

We welcome requests for any baked goods and any occasion, as long as it fulfills our mission of supporting our neighbors in inclusive community. We are happy to bake for both individuals and organizations, on a one-time or recurring basis. Unfortunately, we cannot bake for any fundraising events.

Because we are all volunteers and need time to plan for events, we ask that you submit requests at least 2 weeks in advance, or for larger events (100+ people), at least 4 weeks in advance. Once we receive your request, we will follow up to confirm our capacity and your needs.

We ask every requesting individual / organization to agree to this waiver.

Note: If the request form does not load, please feel free to send us an email at InKindBakingPHL (at) with your information.
Project Partners

Project Partners

To date, our partners have included:
Nationalities Service Center
HIAS Pennsylvania
Salvation Army Red Shield Residence
Salvation Army New Day Center
Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
Ronald McDonald House
Visitation Community Center
Bethesda Project
Girard Medical Center
Morris Animal Refuge
Women in Transition (WIT)
Mighty Writers
Weblinc/Girls Inc.
Joseph's House (Camden, NJ)
and more...
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Start your own

baking network

The InKind Baking Project has been one big experiment since its founding. If you're interested in starting a similar baking network in your town, we're happy to share some tips and lessons learned!

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